Tom Hartley

Photo: Tom

Me and my Work: I investigate how the brain senses, understands, learns, remembers, thinks, and controls our actions and I teach university students about these topics.

Status: Sad to lose out to Stephen, but wasn't it fun? You can still see my last throw of the dice and here's a video I decided not to share during the contest. Back in 1999, a young(ish) scientist had a dream... Enjoy! And thanks for voting and for all the fantastic questions. I had a blast.

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Steve Roser

Photo: Steve

Me and my Work: I use neutrons to look at very very thin layers

Status: sad to see Pete leave....

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Stephen Curry

Photo: Stephen

Me and my Work: I study the molecules of life and death in glorious detail in three dimensions

Status: FRI: As a final funny TREAT - a Dr Who Spot the Difference quiz to test your powers of observation! See here: Many thanks for all your Qs - have loved talking to ALL of you!

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Pete Edwards

Photo: Pete

Me and my Work: Exploring the Dark Side of the Universe

Status: So long and thanks for all the fish!

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Marieke Navin

Photo: Meeks

Me and my Work: I help to build a detector to look at small particles called neutrinos and communicate my love of science to people

Status: totally gutted to be evicted! bye everyone

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